Cathy's Daycare Center
Where every Child is a really BIG Deal
This is the main room we keep all of our cribs
and infants in here We don't use a separate room
for infants we feel that you can better care for
them if they are in the same room with you
Here's some of the girls playing a game of
Monkey Ball on the Xbox
We also have the Nintendo Wii
Here's some of the toys games and books
This play house is huge its over 7 feet tall
pictures of the yard and some yard toys
some of the kids playing outside
Here's a couple of the girls playing Dora on the
computer we have many Educational Games to help
them learn stuff like primary colors, shapes,
spelling, reading, problem solving, counting,
ABC's, Kids love to learn on the computer we
have over 30 Educational Games like Dora,
Dr.Seuss, Blues Clue's, Sesame Street, Curious
George, Strawberry Shortcake and many more
the desk is a Little kids size desk

you would be surprised how young some kids
can learn to use a computer when given the
opportunity some kids start at 2 or 3 Years old
Here is our 200 Gallon Salt water fish tank its
made of acrylic so its kid safe
kids love to look and see
what they can find Clownfish aka
Nemo Blue Tang aka Dori lots of other neat fish,
crabs, starfish, Anemones, snails, all kinds of
real corals its very educational and pretty cool
too the kids love it
Here is are Halloween party we had lots of fun
This is a Treasure hunt we had this summer
the Kids had a Blast
Kids love to dress up like pirates and go
on Treasure Hunts