Cathy's Daycare Center
Where every Child is a really BIG Deal
There is a lot of reading on this page but its well worth it
You will learn some valuable stuff to look out for no matter
what daycare you decide to go with
When I established my child care service, I realized that there are basically two types of providers that dominate our area: the large child care
centers, and the small private sitters. I do not like the operating style of either of them, so my goal was to create a unique child care service
that would avoid all of their problems, and set myself apart from the competition. Now that things are running smoothly, I can confidently say
that I have succeeded in that goal, and my clients concur. However, each client must ultimately choose what factors are most important to them.
So whether you choose me or another child care provider, please take a moment to consider the problems areas listed below.
Problems with some of the Other home daycare
Them: Some of the other home daycare's in our area don't treat there daycare like a real business and decide from time to time that they don't feel
like watching any kids that day for what ever reason.

US: The few days that we are closed are clearly marked in are hand book. We don't take extra days off.

Problems with Small Private Sitters
They are often the least expensive solution, but you may not realize that you are putting your children at significant risk by using someone who is not
monitored by any authority.They are not required to have background checks on everybody who will be near the children, nor are they required to
have everyone who lives in the home fingerprinted. With no security requirements, it is simply impossible to know whether someone has a criminal
background, or associates with someone who does. Without any authority monitoring operations, you have no way of verifying any of the training they
claim to have, or how current their training is. What would happen if an unexpected emergency arose with your child? What would happen to your
child if an unexpected emergency arose with another child? Licensed child care providers have solid answers to these questions and many more.
Among other requirements, licensed providers must maintain current emergency, safety, sanitary, nutrition, and child development training. Private
sitters typically think that they don't need to be bothered with all of these certifications because it's, "just babysitting." Worse yet, many of them
accept more children than they are allowed, and do not become licensed because they are avoiding the background checks, taking payment without
reporting the income, or simply don't think about the risks they're exposing other people's children to. The bottom line is that there is a huge
difference between a private sitter and a licensed child care service.

Problems with Large Child Care Centers
A large center typically does not have the problems listed above because they are licensed child care providers. However, they have their own set of
problems due to the large number of children that they watch. The bigger the center, the easier it is to be lost in the numbers. This opinion is
regarding the attention the children receive, but also the integrity of the center itself. Even the best child care centers have problems maintaining
their standards when employees take vacation, call in sick, or leave for other jobs. It can also be difficult for a center manager to maintain any sense
of overall character for the center because the character is defined by the people they employ at any given time. When issues arise, they can go
unnoticed for a while because of their size. For example, they might be in gross violation of their ratio for a day here and there (meaning children
aren't getting the attention they need), or they might accidentally hire an employee who seemed nice at first but ended up being a screamer (which
changes the character of the center). Of course, these issues can arise anywhere, but it is more difficult to detect them in a large child care center.

Cathys Daycare Center
I don't want my clients to be forced to choose which of the two problem solutions they have to live with, so my clients get the best of both worlds.
Unlike the private sitter, I am a licensed child care provider, who has fulfilled all of the state requirements, and I am obligated to maintain those
requirements in the future. Also unlike most private sitters, I have two large rooms that are dedicated to child care, which makes it easier to
maintain a clean and safe environment. Unlike a large child care center, I operate out of my home and can easily manage my child ratio to provide an
appropriate amount of individual attention to all of the children. Also unlike a large child care center, there is no worry about turnover or changing
the character of my services. In other words, if you like my character today, you can rest assured that it's still going to be me watching your
children tomorrow.

Beyond all of these details, it's important to realize that I run my child care service as if it is an extended family. I want the children to enjoy their
time with me, and help them grow strong in mind, body, and soul. For example, beyond the need to fulfill nutritional requirements, I try to introduce
variety. I also make sure there is some sort of developmentally stimulating activity every day through play, arts, or crafts. I also try to get everyone
outside as often as possible (weather permitting) . Sometimes we have little picnics on the grass under the trees in the Playard. This is the type of
experience that I would want my children to have in daycare, and I don't think any of my clients should expect any less.