Cathy's Daycare Center
Where every Child is a really BIG Deal
Please keep in mind that this is not an attempt to write a biography or resume. We're just trying to
communicate some of the highlights that you might be interested in knowing.

The daycare is ran mostly by Myself

I do have two other people that help out sometimes when needed

Every body has had a criminal background check and finger printed by the Scioto County Police Dept.

I have about 17 years experience in Daycare

Certified in daycare practices (safety, sanitation, nutrition, etc)

First Aid and CPR certified (emergency response and AED training)

Communicable Disease

Child Abuse

Medication Administration

ADHD & Mental Disorders in Children

Disaster in Daycare

Ready to Read

Children's Hunger Alliance

Continue to pursue additional education and certifications

Excellent references from local community and clients